What You Need To Know About Full Mouth Restorations

A full mouth of perfectly-rowed teeth, that is the desire of most people, and there are some who are blessed to have such teeth. But unfortunately, there are some of us who are not as blessed; perhaps due to old age, neglect or some other factor some have lost some of all of their teeth.

This can be very disturbing, depressing as well as unsightly for those who have the above kind of teeth, it can affect their public image and their sense of self-esteem. It can make a difference as to whether they will land that dream job or dream relationship. For some, having missing or no teeth at all can be a real nightmare.

Little wonder why so many persons are pursuing full-mouth restoration as a viable alternative. What is full-mouth restoration? Full-mouth restoration is a dental cosmetic procedure that involves various steps. What are these steps? The steps may involve several procedures:

-Bone grafting may be an option in order to strengthen one’s jawbone in order to have a successful dental implants

-Orthodontics may need in order to align the teeth properly. Adult braces, for example, can help toward that end, which is why it has increasingly become popular.

-Veneers could also be used, which will enhance the appearance of one’s teeth. Veneers can whiten, reshape and properly align the teeth.

-Dental implants may be an option for some; some have had their entire teeth replaced by implants.

-Placement of crowns can also be used.

-In some extreme cases, orthographic surgery may be needed in order to reposition one’s jaw so they can have a better smile.

-Contouring the gums can also help in improving the functionality of one’s smile.

So much can be involved in full mouth restoration. There are among the things one needs to know in order to pursue such a cosmetic procedure. The results, whether they are successful or not can vary from person to person, the dental surgeon will do all that is humanly a to make sure that the person will have a full mouth restoration they can live with.

A full-mouth restoration, while it is desirable, can be very expensive, depending on one’s health insurance plan, which can vary. Some may have insurance plans that may have co-pays where they may pay a percentage of the expenses for such a procedure, usually half of such.

Before a person considers having such a cosmetic procedure performed, usually it is best to go to their local dentist or orthodontist, who will be able to determine whether such a procedure may be necessary. Only they can determine for sure.

Yes, having attractive, well-aligned teeth is indeed the desire of most people; nearly everyone wants to look their best. It can enhance a person’s total appearance, making them look like an altogether different person. It may not be fair, but people judge us by how we look, especially how our teeth look, for this is one of the first things people see when they meet us.

While a full-mouth restoration is desirable, as it has been seen it can also be very expensive as well an arduous task, which may incur some measure of pain. The best way to avoid such procedures is to regularly take care of one’s teeth by brushing and flossing, which will result in fewer visits to the dentist.

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