Rock Park Climbing – Castle Rock


Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenes in all the world. From its towering peak mountains to its fun and young-spirited nightlife, anyone is sure to find something for them. Rock climbing is super popular and all the rage in Colorado. Its beautiful mountains are the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and get some exercise. Castle Rock Denver is the perfect option for the experienced climber. Its beautiful peaks offer the perfect amount of breathtaking views and challenges for experienced climbers. After the beautiful hike, head downtown to watch an amazing magic show at the Theatre of Dreams Arts and Event Center.

Starting at the Bottom

Where is Castle Rock, Denver? About 26 miles from the popular Colorado State Capitol Denver, Colorado, you will find Castle Rock. Where Interstate 25 and Highway 86 come together you will find Castle Rock, Colorado. Castle Rock named Castle Rock because there is a very distinguishable castle looking rock that overlooks the town. Near the Rock, is Castle Rock Dental Health, who loves the community. Castle Rock is filled with Rhyolite stone and is what originally made it famous. This area is filled with historical markers and designated areas that are perfect places to check out for history buffs. The town basically originated from people being hopeful in finding gold in the area. Much like most of the Western United States, people were drawn in by the promise of gold and money. The team from Castle Rock Dental Health has a fantastic view of The Rock from their dental practice.

Climbing Castle Rock

The major draw of castle rock today is the idea of rock climbing. Because it is a challenging and beautiful climb, it calls mountain climbers from all over the world. Its rocks can be slick and it faces straight up, making it a perfect challenge for any experienced rock climber. However, did you know that it is actually illegal to climb Castle Rock? However, there are many areas surrounding the Castle Rock area that is legal to climb. Also, there are many hiking areas around the Castle Rock area.

Rock Park

For anyone looking for some challenging climbing and hiking, they should check out Rock Park. Climbing and hiking through Rock Park can be done on a single trail system. It stretches about a mile and reaches the climber to the peak where a layout of the surrounding area can be seen. Such as I80 and the Castle Rock town. Also, there can be lots of wildlife as well as beautiful mountains and skies to check out. The climber will definitely feel on top of the world when they make it to the peak at Rock Park.


In the end, although there are lots of areas to climb in the Castle Rock area, the actual Castle Rock is illegal to climb because it is so dangerous and difficult to climb. However, Rock Park is a beautiful perfect alternative to Rock climbers in the area. If you are ever in or near Denver, Colorado area be very sure to check out the Rock Park area and climbing it has to offer. Climbing in the Castle Rock area is challenging but rewarding with the beautiful scenery and challenging passes that are sure to keep any experienced rock climber on their toes.