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Missing teeth don’t seem like a serious issue at first. Patients might even opt for extraction over a root canal treatment, but many don’t realize that missing teeth can lead to severe consequences in the long term.

The usual consequences might include periodontal disease and issues with the jawbone, rather than purely aesthetic problems.

Risks Associated with Missing Teeth

One of the more severe long-term outcomes of missing teeth is jawbone deterioration.

Without the support of the tooth, the jawbone can’t retain its structure well. It causes the bone to start crumbling or reabsorbing over time.

Patients may lose as much as a quarter of the bone during a year. The loss of supportive structure can lead to significant changes in the facial structure and might make patients appear older, too.

The shifting of the other teeth is another serious outcome to consider. Each tooth supports the tooth or teeth next to it. Remove one of those teeth, and the rest will shift gradually (but sometimes irreversibly).

Dental Implants  

Dr. Linda Ludin will screw the dental implants into the jaw to hold it in place.

The implants are made from titanium, replacing the support structure that the roots would normally lend the jaw. The bone starts to knit around the implant, making it a permanent fixture.

Implants anchor crowns, dentures, or bridges. When secure, these dental devices perform the same function as the real teeth, and nobody but the attending dentist will know the difference.

The process takes a while because there are two surgeries involved. The first is to place the implant in the correct location. Waiting for the bone to grow around the implant can take months, but the cut will heal within a few days so that patients can go about their daily business. 

When the bone heals, the second surgery takes place. It is necessary to remove the soft tissue growing over the implant. Dr. Ludin fits the crown or other dental device at the same time, and it heals quickly.

Bone Grafts

If the patient lost the tooth several years ago, the treatment might be more complex. There might not be enough bone at the site to secure the implant. In this case, the surgeon uses a bone graft to fill in the area.

Patients must wait for the grafted area to take hold and heal. Once the area has healed, the implant surgery can go ahead. From there, the process is the same as with a standard implant.

Most patients could’ve avoided this deterioration by replacing the missing tooth sooner. The best time to do so is as quickly as possible after losing the tooth.

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