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Castle Rock Dental Health Offers Quality Teeth Whitening

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A sparkling smile is a person’s most notable and attractive feature. Unfortunately, over time, teeth develop stains from foods, spices, and beverages. Luckily, the expert dentists at Castle Rock dental health can restore patients’ sparkly smiles with the help of professional teeth whitening. This innovative procedure restores teeth to a pearly white color safely and comfortably.

Teeth Whitening in Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock Dental Health is a top-rated dental clinic that offers unrivaled teeth whitening services. Dr. Linda Ludin, the director of Castle Rock Dental Health, is a dentist with many years of experience providing high-quality dentistry services. She has built an excellent reputation in the region for her wide variety of dental treatments.

Dr. Ludin is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Metro Denver Dental Society, and the Colorado Dental Association. Her team of experienced professionals works hard to provide top-quality teeth whitening treatment and care. Their teeth whitening is administered in a controlled environment that ensures safety, comfort, and consistent results for their patients.

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Teeth Whitening Methods at Castle Rock Dental Health

Dr. Ludin starts by evaluating the patient’s teeth and gums’ health to determine whether they are eligible for professional teeth whitening. In case of active tooth decay or gum disease, she starts by treating those conditions before beginning the teeth whitening process.

In-Office Whitening

In-office teeth whitening takes place under carefully supervised conditions. This allows for the safe and controlled use of the most powerful whitening solutions in the market to yield immediately visible results.

The dentist in charge covers the patient’s gums and the roots of their teeth with a protective barrier to ensure their safety. They also use a retractor to keep the patient’s cheeks and lips away from their teeth. The dentist then applies a professional-strength whitening gel and leaves it there for about an hour. Once removed, the results are immediately noticeable.

Take-Home Whitening

Castle Rock Dental Health also offers take-home whitening treatments. With this type of treatment, the patient plays a more significant role in ensuring the best possible results. However, it takes a bit longer before you can achieve your desired level of whiteness compared to in-house teeth whitening.

The dentist starts by taking an impression of the patient’s teeth. They use the mold to make two custom mouth trays – one for the top teeth and one for the bottom. The patient will need to fill the trays with the prescribed teeth whitening gel and then place them over their teeth for about an hour.

In addition to their teeth whitening services, Castle Rock Dental Health offers other dental services like teeth cleaning and oral examinations that ensure patients’ teeth are in the best possible shape.

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Are Your Discolored Teeth Eating Away at Your Confidence?

Castle Rock Dental Health strives to provide the highest quality dental services while creating an exceptional patient experience. They offer comprehensive teeth whitening services that are guaranteed to restore patients’ smiles. Contact their office today to explore your options for teeth whitening in Castle Rock, CO.

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