Dental Implants options for corrective oral care

A dental implant is a dental procedure used to remedy those with gaps in their mouths due to missing teeth. The purpose of dental implants is to provide a solution for missing teeth. The dental procedure consists of applying a metal base within the gum portion mounted where the root of the missing tooth would be and is put in place to act as a base foundation for the artificial tooth. The procedure can be utilized to replace one single tooth or can be used for multiple teeth.

Dental implants are implanted on top or underneath the gumline area of where the missing tooth or teeth are, and then act as a threshold to place the crown. The crown is a name for an artificial tooth. Dental implants are generally more expensive than veneers, especially when it comes to needing extensive teeth replaced. However, they are less of a hassle being that they usually last a lifetime, while veneers need to be replaced between 7-15 years.

Dental implants are the best option to opt into for missing teeth over bridges when several teeth need to be replaced, especially in one a single row, as bridges rely upon adjacent teeth that are healthy and rooted firmly in place so that the bridge can be properly secured between the teeth.

A dental implant can be needed for various reasons. Whether teeth are missing due to injury, decay, or have been extracted to avoid infection, dental implants are a relatively safe and easy solution to replacing a tooth or teeth. After the surgery in which dental implants are mounted to the jaw, the site of implantation is left to heal prior to the placement of a crown for as little as six weeks all the way up to six months.

Those individuals interested in obtaining more information about dental implant surgery can sit down with their dentist for a consultation concerning the surgery. The first step in achieving a dental implant operation is the dentist must determine if dental implant surgery is necessary in the first place. The next step is to assess whether the patient is eligible for dental implants. This is because although a patient might need dental implant surgery, they may not always be eligible. In cases where the gums are too soft or damaged, for example, dental implants may not be an option unless an extensive separate surgical operation is performed first to correct the underlining gum and/or jaw structure which is a conflicting factor.

Once the dentist finds that their patient qualifies for dental implants, they can choose to replace the tooth or teeth themselves, but only if they’ve obtained the specific extracurricular training needed. Dentists otherwise typically refer the prospective client to a periodontist or oral surgeon who serves as a professional practitioner for dental implantation.

Generally, there are two main types of dental implants, which are Endosteal and Subperiosteal. Although there is only a subtle difference between these two dental implant types Endosteal is the most popular choice for dental implants, more than likely due to the fact that it is a cheaper and less complicated procedure. With dental implants, patients will have the look and feel of natural teeth without having to rely on dentures. However, some patients who prefer dentures may select the option of utilizing dental implantation surgery in order to provide a base point where the dentures can attach themselves to and snap in place.

Talking to your dental provider will help to go over concerns about dental implants, how long they will last and which range in cost and price payment options. Your provider will also go over which medical insurances are accepted, as not every dental facility accepts the same payment types. The need for procedures that involve replacing damaged or missing teeth such as dental implants are on the rise among patients both young and old, so there is no shame! Reach out to your dental provider today to discuss the possibilities of obtaining this amazing corrective oral care treatment today!

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