Does Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies

Health insurance of any kind is expensive enough on its own. But when it comes to dental insurance that is in its own ballpark. A lot of people can’t afford dental insurance or even a trip to the dentist. This is why dental care may be put off until things get bad. However, having dental insurance is far less expensive than having to pay out of pocket for an emergency situation. Examples of a dental emergency would include a broken tooth, decay tooth or infection. If these situations are not taken care of immediately lasting effects may occur. With all this being said. Does dental insurance cover emergencies and what kind? Some of it is all dependent on the type of dental insurance someone chooses to purchase.

First and foremost, when signing up for anything including dental insurance it is crucial to read the fine print. Learn more here about how to find a good emergency dentist. As a policyholder, it is their responsibility to know what the insurance covers and does not cover. There are different types of dental insurance plans they can choose from, depending on what they may be looking for. People who are currently insured, usually are through their employer with private insurance. Most routine care like cleanings and x-rays are covered. some plans may require a co-pay. While others cover it 100%. Procedures like tooth extraction, bridges, crowns or root canals, insurance may only cover a certain amount. But the amount the patient will be paying is still far less then if they had to pay the entire amount without the help of dental insurance.

Does dental insurance cover dental emergencies? It depends on two factors. One being, what is the problem occurring? If its a toothache, that may not be considered an emergency. However, a tooth abscess may be considered. It is really dependent upon what the policyholder’s dentist says, they can determine if its a dental emergency or not. The other factor is which dental insurance company are they insured through. There is not really a cut and dry answer for if emergencies are covered or not. Because what is classified as an emergency to one dentist may not be to another.

This all relates back to why preventative dental care is important. Because if dental issues should arise, if the patient is receiving regular care. The dental or hygienist will be able to catch it before it gets too bad. Something like a filling is far less expensive and not as invasive as a root canal or extraction. Most dental insurance plans for adults will cover at least one cleaning a year, sometimes two and x-rays.

When shopping around for dental insurance, it’s important to make sure the patient knows exactly what is covered and what is not covered in the plan. Almost every dental insurance plans cover preventative care like cleaning and x-rays. Some may even cover a higher percentage of emergencies. Just remember the patient needs to do their research, yes dental insurance is expensive. But the policyholder will be glad to have it if and when an emergency arises.

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