Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Teeth are important. They are not just an appearance attribute. Most dental procedures are to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry is just a little different. This is meant to correct how your teeth look. This is done by a cosmetic dentist who specializes in fixing the appearance of a smile. Learn more here about the top 5 things to look for in a cosmetic dentist.

What can a Cosmetic Dentist Fix?

A Cosmetic dentist specializes in quite a bit. They focus on mainly color, position, shape, size, and overall appearance. Where most of the cosmetic dentistry is mainly appearance, they can help with cavities and the strength and longevity of your teeth. They can do this by:

• Dental bonding- used to repair teeth that are cracked and chipped. They do this by using resin and hardening it with a light source specific to that procedure.
• Veneers- These are used to change the appearance of teeth by size, shape or length of teeth. This process is permanent. The process is done by applying thin shells that are applied to cover the front surfaces of the teeth.
• Crowns- used to improve strength over a damaged tooth; a crown is a type of cap that is placed over the tooth. It can be made of metal or porcelain that is bonded to metal, ceramic or resin. The tooth is filed down before the crown is with dental cement.
• Enamel shaping- This is a procedure that fixes crowded teeth or teeth that are uneven. This is fast, painless and immediate.
• Orthodontics- To align teeth, orthodontics, or braces, can be used by a child or adults. It does take some time to adjust the teeth.
• Teeth whitening- Used mainly for teeth that have yellow discoloration, this is not used for everyone. It is best to whiten teeth with healthy teeth.
• Dentures- which are removable teeth that are used by people that have no teeth. There are partial dentures, or bridges when there are only some missing teeth. 

How Much Do these Procedures Cost
Insurance pays for a lot of costs regarding dentistry but insurance does cover the cost of some cosmetic dentistry. There is some room for a range mostly for location, type and per tooth. For example, the cost will differ when using ceramic instead of porcelain. Insurance can also cover some costs when it is for the benefit of the tooth or teeth as a whole, such as cavities. The costs include:
• Dental Bonding- $300-600 per tooth
• Veneers- $500-1900 per tooth
• Crowns- $800-1700 per crown
• Enamel shaping- $50-300 a tooth
• Orthodontics- $3,000- $10,000
• Teeth whitening- $650-1,000
• Dentures- $950-2750 depending on type

The benefit of cosmetic dentistry means not only enjoying your physical appearance but the feeling of having great dental health. Straightening and shaping your teeth can make it easier to eat and breathe. There is no price on feeling your self-esteem raise wit a great smile. There is also no price on having teeth that work well and feel great. Find a great dentist that can meet your needs for cosmetic dentistry.

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